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A small investment now can save you time and money down the track

We recommend a service on your Garage door every 18 to 24 months. Large doors may benefit from annual adjustments. We service all residential and commercial garage doors.

Why you should get your garage door serviced

A garage door auto opener is a small motor that lifts a very heavy weight.  When things go wrong, safety becomes an issue and security may be compromised. Servicing to ensure all tensions and settings are optimal will extend the life span of your door.


Some warranties may be voided if regular servicing does not occur.

Do you have any of these problems?

  • Door won't open?

  • Remotes not working?

  • Spring broken?

  • Door come off track?

We can help! We provide the following garage door repair services:

  • Re-program or replace faulty remote

  • Release and open jammed door

  • Spring replacement

  • Cable replacement

  • Lock set replacement

  • Re-seat door in the track

  • Replace rollers or hinges

  • Accident damage repair

  • Repair or replacement of auto opener

  • + any other issues!

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